A bit about me

My name is Sarah Chadda and I'm a fully qualified RICTAT colonic hydrotherapist (reg #: 2018-26).

It's my mission to provide an integrated and holistic approach to gut health. 

We live in a world where so many of us are suffering from stress, anxiety, poor nutrition, and are both physically and mentally exhausted.


I feel more and more of us are looking for a more holistic approach to our lifestyles, so I think it’s important to treat the WHOLE person and not just their symptoms.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Due to my own health concerns and that of my little boy, I wanted a more natural and holistic alternative to prescribed medication. 

That was when I found juicing and colonic hydrotherapy. I'm now a firm believer that stress starts in the gut, and credit my regular colonics and raw diet with improving my health.


I'm incredibly passionate about colonic hydrotherapy and the benefits it offers to everyone, whether you're suffering with a specific condition or in the prime of your life. 

As well as solving the problem in front of me, I aim to enrich my clients' lives by showing them how to better care for their gut, and in turn, the rest of their body.


My clinic

My clinic is currently based in Aspire North Wales Clinic, an absolutely beautiful clinic in the heart of Colwyn Bay. My room is a quiet and relaxing space, with an en suite bathroom for your convenience.

To adhere to the most stringent hygiene standards, I use the Atlantis Pro closed system, disposable speculums, water lines and waste lines.

I receive lots of positive feedback about my treatments, with many clients reporting they no longer feel sluggish or bloated.

If you would like to find about more about the treatments I offer, or book an appointment, please contact me.

I have to say that Sarah is one of the best Colonic Hydrotherapists I have been to. She makes you feel completely at ease and takes time to ensure you are comfortable and don't feel embarrassed. My Mum who has Parkinsons also visited Sarah for a treatment and it has helped to improve her digestive system which becomes very sluggish due to medication. A wonderful therapist - thank you Sarah!

Fiona England-Bryant

Sarah Chadda Colonic Hydrotherapy

Aspire North Wales Clinic

13 Princes Drive

Colwyn Bay

LL29 8HT

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Sarah Chadda Colonic Hydrotherapy | RICTAT registration number: 2018-26