Colon Massage

What is colon massage?

Colon massage, also known as deep abdominal massage, is non-invasive treatment to stimulate bowel function.

It focuses on releasing trapped gases, blockages, and waste products within the colon, and is particularly good for anxiety related gastro-intestinal problems and, food sensitivity related issues.

Although it's not a weight loss treatment, colon massage does help reduce bloating, which can make a big difference to waist size.

Benefits of colon massage

Colon massage can either be a non-invasive alternative to colonic hydrotherapy or an additional treatment.

It's a gentle, but effective way to benefit from:

- Relief from pain caused by trapped wind & constipation

- Improved detoxification of the body

- Increased metabolism

- Better elimination

- Improved breathing and relaxation

How much does it cost?

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